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Our Story

It all started when a man with a mustache had a pizza dream! Tyler Klaas, a Mississippi State alumnus, has been a pizza enthusiast for as long as we can remember – his passion for Neapolitan/Artesian style pizza grew as we traveled around trying out all the best pizza joints. After tons of research, maybe even some sweat and tears, the pizza dream became a reality. We want your experience to be top-notch from the time you walk through the doors to the time you say your goodbyes – enthusiastic greeters, cold beers, yummy food, exceptional service.

Created by Forza Forni, the Pavesi oven we use is molded in Maranello, Italy which is also where Ferrari’s are produced. Two men drove down all the way from New York to Starkville, MS to assemble the oven, piece by piece, while hand tiling the bronze exterior. The dome shape of the oven allows the heat to circulate and gives that crisp, fluffy crust.

We use only the best of ingredients from our flour to our tomatoes. We make our dough from scratch, hand rolling it, giving it a 48-hour proof before hand tossing and serving it to you. Our homemade pizza sauce is sure to impress, and we use fresh ingredients to top off our distinctive pies, always. We then cook your pizza in our Pavesi oven at well over 700 degrees and bring it to your table piping hot.

If you step foot in Boardtown PnP, chances are Tyler will meet you at the table to tell you all about the pizzas and oven. If not, he’s probably slinging out the pizzas (his favorite part of the job). Hospitality and customer service are high priorities here at Boardtown, and we pride ourselves in providing that next-level service and warmth. Locally owned and operated - we are not a chain!